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Laine Kuhlmann

I am a teacher at a small private school with over 17 years experience teaching my own kids. I have two kids who are very different learners. My oldest, who is now in an honors program at a private college, LOVES school! She’s the kid who studies from 8am-5pm using colored pens and highlighters because she thinks it’s fun! She is extremely detailed, she is classically-minded, and she would probably make school into a career if that were possible. She’s left-brained.

My youngest hates school with as much passion as his sister loves it. He finds it boring, repetitive, and unnecessary. He’s as quick-witted as they come, is an accomplished track runner, and can draw people to himself by just existing. He rolls around the pros and cons of “finishing school early” (quitting), but since being in high school is a requirement for running high school track, he bears the burden. He can recite the entire discussion from American Government class, but isn’t a good test-taker. He knows without a doubt that sitting behind a desk sounds like torture, and he has no interest in extending his schooling any longer than necessary by going to college. He’s right-brained.

Can you guess which was the easier kid to teach? My oldest, but don’t think she is smarter; it’s because most curriculum is written for the way she learns and is the absolute opposite of what kids like my son need. Only in recent years have programs and curricula become available for those who have different learning styles, but they still have not been adopted into most school programs. So these students struggle, feel like they aren’t smart, and wish it were over. Sadly, some even “finish early” without discovering how bright they are.