Elementor #432


Educational Consulting                                            $100

In this 1-1 1/2 hour meeting, we will discuss your concerns regarding your child’s learning struggles, any known or suspected learning disabilities, and behavioral concerns surrounding his/her education. I will provide you with suggestions and resources to pave the most efficient and cost-effective way forward.

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a substitute for diagnosis or correction of learning disabilities.


English, Grammar, and Writing Tutoring                 $50/hr

Sometimes students just need help understanding a concept here and there, or they could use some confidence as they transition into junior high or high school level academics. I can help struggling writers build confidence in their abilities to organize their thoughts and build beautiful, cohesive essays. I use picture-thinking techniques that work for most learning styles.


Spelling Intensive                                                            $100

My high school English teacher used to tell us that poor spellers are usually geniuses, but nothing can drag self-esteem down faster than not being able to spell simple words in front of your classmates. My 2-week, hands on, one-on-one intensive is . . . dare I say it? FUN! I have used my methods with the most discouraged spellers and they come out asking for more. Not only will your student’s spelling improve, but my methods help identify other learning struggles that might be holding your student back.


Proofreading/editing                                                     $25/hr

Even the most accomplished writers need a proofreader. I can turn most essays around in an hour, making suggestions for improvement and following up with a final glance.

*Please give me at least 24 hours to return an essay with corrections.


Senior Year Survival! (for parents)                            $100

I watched people go through very hectic senior years with their children and vowed I would not trade the fun we were supposed to have during that special year for the stress that goes along with planning graduation, open houses, senior pictures, final recitals, and more. I figured out ways to start early, spreading out the To-Do lists while saving money and sanity! Most of all, my daughter and I were able to make thoughtful decisions instead of rushed, frazzled ones that would leave us wondering why we have that theme or this color immortalized on film! Let me help you organize your To-Do list and enjoy that last, precious year with your student.