School's in with tailored programs for struggling learners!


   Flat Rate      Cost/         Hour    
Assessment/Spelling Intensive    $250        
General Tutoring        $45    
Subscription plans      Hours/         Month   Cost/        Hour   Monthly    Total  Savings
        Level 1    5 hrs/mo    $45    $225   $0/hr
        Level 2    10 hrs/mo    $40    $400   $5/hr
        Level 3    15 hrs/mo    $35    $525   $10/hr
        Level 4    20 hrs/mo    $30    $600   $15/hr

Assessment/Spelling Intensive

My high school English teacher used to tell us that poor spellers are usually geniuses, but nothing can drag self-esteem down faster than not being able to spell simple words in front of your classmates. My hands-on, one-on-one intensive includes:

  • General educational consulting
  • Written assessment
  • Hands on learning
  • Visualization
  • Retention-based results

*This is a 1-week program consisting of daily meetings.

**DISCLAIMER: These programs are not a substitute for diagnosis or correction of learning disabilities.

General Tutoring

Sometimes students just need help understanding a concept here and there, or they could use some confidence as they transition into junior high or high school level academics. I can help struggling writers build confidence in their abilities to organize their thoughts and build beautiful, cohesive essays. I use picture-thinking techniques that work for most learning styles.


Even the most accomplished writers need a proofreader. I can turn most essays around in an hour, making suggestions for improvement and following up with a final glance.

*Please give me at least 24 hours to return an essay with corrections.